This is a place for me to write about the curious things I do/find/imagine.

I have a few online projects that you might or might not want to see. You can find them inside my GitLab/Hub, but the main ones are:


A reimplementation of my university’s system (CLIP) along with some goodies.

Aimed to be released early in the second semester.


Kind of a democracy and debate promotion platform, but it’s still pretty much stuck in the drawing board.


An “information source” spider and analyzer. It tries to correlate different pieces of information in the web. Intended for eventual use in Candelabrus. Source code still unpublished due to concerns of the said sources patching their websites against it.


GeoSVG is a simple GUI to help with mapping SVG on top of a geographic map.

You push some vector onto it, mess with a few boxes and get GeoJSON without any sweat.


A JavaFX force-directed graph drawer widget.

CLIP, agora não!

A Firefox web extension to postpone CLIP questionnaires.