I’m a computer science student, open-source centric developer and curious mind.

I have several hobbies. A lot of my time is spent with my pet projects, but on the positive side I owe them a lot of my knowledge. Webcam steering wheels, gigapixel photos, failed robots, a bit of philosophy, another of law… every experience is good experience.

While I don’t exercise myself as much as I’d like I love to cycle and to try random new sports.
The same goes for travelling, although I haven’t traveled that much.

I’m pro liberty, privacy, free speech and sharing, and have a very strong stance towards people, corporations and governments that I think that undermine our society.
I try to purchase with care and avoid having have more than I need to satisfy my hobbies. I think that extremism, populism and anti-intellectualism are the real issues we’ll have to deal with.

I keep having the unrealistic idea that my ideas will somehow change the world. Albeit very unlikely that they do so (at least on purpose) I still think that they are worth a shot.